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Three Rivers Secondary School

Completion: August 2013
Construction Cost: $10,150,000
Building Area: 59,385sf
Cost per Sq.Ft.: $153
Capacity: 528 students
Foremost this school is designed to house students from 7th to 12th grade, with optimum use of common amenities, but maintaining the separation required for these different age groups. Interior glazing allows views in (to display learning) & out (to allow natural surveillance). Masonry is used extensively, interior & exterior, for areas accessible to student traffic wear. A soaring main commons area connects upper & lower grade entries, & serves as a lobby for library, office & computer labs.
Educational Appropriateness 
As stated previously, the main challenge of the design was to provide centrally located & well supervised common use areas for a broad age group, while keeping age/grade specific spaces separate. The large commons allows casual interaction & small group learning; the surrounding transparent walls allow staff observation of this area. Technology is integrated throughout the building with a wired/wireless network, integrated smartboards in each classroom, card access, VOIP & IP security.
Three Rivers ISD had the unique opportunity of a rapidly growing tax base that allowed the replacement of several aging facilities with a new building. The new facility houses Jr. High, High School & District Administration offices, all under one roof. Admin offices are completely independent of the rest of the building with a dedicated entry & parking. Jr High & High School have separate entries, & share common amenities while minimizing unwanted interaction between upper & lower grade students.
Process of Planning 

Initial planning meetings were held with the board, administration & construction team.  Community meetings were held to inform the public & receive design input. This general direction was "fleshed-out" through departmental staff interviews & brainstorming sessions. The design process was periodically reviewed with the Board & district leadership to maintain overall continuity & vision confirmation. As the construction proceeded, in place mechanisms allowed ongoing evolution & improvement.


More than anything else, this compact & efficient building plan minimizes materials, building envelope & energy use. A state of the art HVAC control system optimizes energy consumption. Recycled glass terrazzo is a main feature of the public commons. The project is located adjacent to a Corps of Engineers flood control levee that required special considerations & permitting for stormwater control.
This project was completed in 2013 with a building construction cost of $140.55/SF, with no sacrifice in quality or features. This economy was accomplished using many innovative design strategies, including: using simple but dynamic building geometries, an efficient floor plan & optimizing building finishes. Rolling grilles allow public use of the library & technology center without compromising security. Future expandability is accommodated in the design to fit the district's master plan.