Texas Construction: Nothing Sophomoric About Burnet's new High School

Our Burnet High School project has sparked some flattering comments by McGraw Hill's Texas Construction:

The new high school under construction by American Constructors of Austin in nearby Burnet would make many us who spent the majority of our teen years in a large and sometimes monolithic structure want to go back to the future and do it all again. Designed to serve some 1,400 students within 250,000 sq. ft., the school-on a scenic Hill Country site-is divided into six buildings with distinct, separate functions. With expansive lawns, plazas, patios, a pavilion and an open-air amphitheater as well as covered walkways connecting the six structures, the larger-than-average school will possess a collegiate ambience.

"It gives the school a more human scale," said architect Randy Fromberg of Fromberg Associates Ltd. The Austin firm specializes in designing K-12 schools and has found that with secondary schools the campus approach creates a more welcoming environment.

"Rather than one humongous, massive building, the client wanted to break it up and make it more like a junior college campus," said Joe Charlton, project manager for American Constructors.