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Bloomington ISD Athletic Complex

Completion: October 2014
Construction Cost: $1,135,000
Building Area: 18,385 Sq.Ft.
Cost per Sq.Ft.: $150.00
Owner Cost per Sq.Ft.: $62.00

The Bloomington ISD Athletics Complex projects is much more than just a new gymnasium for Bloomington, Texas. The project includes a new gymnasium with Varsity and JV locker rooms for boys and girls, concessions for the gymnasium and football stadium and grounds improvements, pulling the entire athletic complex at Bloomington ISD together into on cohesive environment. On top of all that, the gymnasium building itself serves as a shelter for emergency workers in case of a hurricane or tornado in the region. The distinct dome design offers the building the structural integrity to take on the high winds and debris of a Category 5 hurricane, and the on-site generator provides the building with power, lighting and fresh air flow to house emergency workers and injured citizens in the case of such a storm.

Bloomington ISD teamed up with the Texas Department of Emergency Management, which brought with it funds from the Federal Emergency Management Administration, covering a large portion of the Owner's expenses for the facility, with the understanding that the building will be used as a base of operations for emergency service works during storms.