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Blanco County Courthouse Annex

Completion: February 2011
Building Area: 6400 Sq.Ft. Offices, 4800 Sq.Ft. Courtroom


The Blanco County Office Annex is located on the town square in Johnson City, Texas. It was conceived as (2) buildings separated by a Public Courtyard. The Courtyard gives deference to the historic courthouse directly across the street, contains native plantings, and provides a breezy area for recesses outside the Courtroom Building and Office Building. The courtyard is surrounded by a covered walkway canopy constructed of galvanized steel and cedar decking. Both buildings are sited off the street corners to preserve rows of trees along both sides of the property. The 6400 sf Office Building houses the County Clerk, Tax Office and Agriculture Service. The 4800sf Meeting/Courtroom Building sits opposite the Office Building.  The Public Meeting Room and Courtroom are separated by a movable partition to provide flexibility. Limestone, metal roofing, and wood windows are utilized and detailed to relate the new buildings to the historic courthouse.