“On all of the projects Manor ISD received professional, courteous and prompt attention. The projects finished on schedule and within the proposed budget. Each project had a different project manager, however, Randy Fromberg was involved in overseeing the projects.”

Noel G. Jeff
Fmr. Superintendent, Manor ISD

“Randy has been sensitive to the needs and limitations of Harper ISD. His firm has provided the services we desired and not those he thought we needed. I have found him to be sensitive, responsive, and reasonable.”

Jim Ward
Fmr. Superintendent, Haper ISD

“Randy Fromberg is a man of culture, high ideals, sound integrity and excellent judgment. He works to provide excellent service for the school districts personnel and patrons of the school district.”

Bennie Wolff
Fmr. Superintendent, Stockdale ISD

“We have found him to be prompt in response to problems, very personable and professional in dealing with people. He is a man of integrity and his services have been an asset to our district.”

Mary M. Polasek
Fmr. Superintendent, Poth ISD

“I have found Randall Fromberg to be very cooperative, always being concerned for our district's needs. Randall has the ability to work with all facets of a school district, including teachers, administrators and trustee members.”

Erwin J. Ckodre
Fmr. Superintendent, Gonzales ISD

“I have found Mr. Fromberg to be exceptionally competent, thorough and honest. Mr. Fromberg's professional relationship with and services rendered for our school district have been commendable.”

William W. Gary
Fmr. Superintendent, Kansas City ISD

“I found Randy to be very knowledgeable on all aspects of the construction process. He worked well with the general contractor, the job superintendent and me.”

James H. Stewart
Fmr. Superintendent, Shiner ISD