“As superintendent of a small, property poor school district with limited resources, I was very careful in selecting an Architect for our renovation projects. Fromberg Associates proved to be very sensitive to our needs... No matter what the size of the project, large or small, each was treated with equal attention.”

Richard Stockman
Fmr. Superintendent, Lometa ISD

“Baird/Williams Construction was honored to have been a team member with Fromberg Associates on the successful completion of the Decker Elementary School facility. The professionalism and keen interest shown by you and your staff, with regard to all aspects of this project, were greatly appreciated.

Since the completion of the project, I have had many occasions to go back through the facility, and have heard numerous, positive comments from the staff and administration with regard to the design and usability of the various spaces. This project was done on a very tight budget, and in my opinion the owner received a great facility for the value that they paid, due to the dedication of Fromberg Associates.”

W. Blair Williams
President, Baird/Williams Construction

“Everything went extremely well due to Mr. Fromberg's guidance. We were very pleased with Mr. Fromberg and recommend him without reservation.”

Dr. James M. Boyle
Fmr. Superintendent, Refugio ISD

“Fromberg Associates was correct on all estimates, from bids to completion of each project. We are in the process of looking at facilities for the next 5 years in Winters, and will definitely make Fromberg part of the planning. Their expertise and professionalism are invaluable to such planning.”

Mike Harris
Fmr. Superintendent, Winters ISD

“The renovation to our middle school was extensive and very successful. This project was completed within the scope of the original budget and schedule. Some of the campus buildings were originally built in the 1930's with modifications added in subsequent years... We conducted classes on the campus during the renovation project with minimal disruption.

"My experience with Mr. Randall Fromberg and Fromberg Associates was excellent. Mr. Fromberg worked very well with district personnel, board of trustees and contractors. His genuine concern for the school district was evidence throughout the project.”

Jack R. Morgan
Fmr. Superintendent, Refugio ISD

“One of the most striking qualities about Randy was that he was able to understand our needs, and translate them into acceptable, affordable options. He projected a genuine respect and 'feel' for our school in working with committees, the Board, administration and others. We felt he represented us well in dealing with those who provided us services under his supervision.”

George A. Bujnoch
Fmr. Superintendent, Luling ISD

“Fromberg Associates supervised effectively all aspects of the project with the contractor and owner, and responded quickly to each and every need.”

Clarence Frase
Fmr. Superintendent, Navarro ISD

“Through all of these projects Randy has conducted himself with the utmost honesty and integrity. He has always kept the best interest of the school system in mind and has been very flexible in taking suggestions from the board and myself. Randy is extremely easy going and easy to work with.”

Mike Harris
Fmr. Superintendent, Poth ISD

“Mr. Fromberg worked to develop plans which suited the needs of the District and helped us design a modern facility which fit our budget... The building was completed within the time line agreed upon. In the year following completion he has called or visited to insure that any warranty work required follow up was done in a timely fashion.”

Freddie McFarland
Fmr. Superintendent, Stockdale ISD

“Our experience with Randy and the entire staff at Fromberg Associates is very good. Randy's firm helps to create the team approach between Owner, Architect, Consultants and Contractor which resulted in successful projects for all concerned.”

J. Clayton Kennedy
Kencon Construction, Inc.